Red Velvet Experiment

I never thought I would consider doing a blog, but I am amassing quite a lot if tips and experience, and I think this will be a great way of sharing them. I have made red velvet cake before, but I have never been at all happy with the was always too brown. So I hunted for more recipe's and stumbled over one from Nigella - the red velvet cupcake recipe.

I cannot leave a recipe alone - I think I may be genetically incapable fo following one completely, but after previous disasters, I kept my tinkering to a minimum this time.

I beat the butter and sugar white as usual using my new Kitchen Aid mixer called Susan (don't ask) and set about adding the remaining ingredients with just a few changes: I added 1.5 tbsp cocoa, not 2, and added 1/2 a teaspoon of clear chocolate extract I used 2 teaspoons of red red colouring, and the rest was made up with rose red (I ran out)

Instead of vanilla extract, I always prefer vanilla bean paste - that is available in all supermarkets these days. The result was smooth, soft and packed with flavour - I will use this recipe again!

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